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Compare up to four people’s lives...

Trajectories is new project by Ellie Harrison which enables you to compare your life to other people’s.

The game creates special diagrams which plot your life’s trajectory against those of the people you choose - highlighting “key dates” of achievement, life-changing moments or other points of interest.

To give you an example, Trajectories can create a diagram comparing Ellie Harrison to three people chosen at random from her own database of the one hundred “key people” she is most curious to compare herself to.

These include a wild mixture of famous artists, politicians, inspirational people from history, relatives, school rivals, childhood obsessions, astronauts, swimmers, feminists, very old people, child prodigies, people born in the same year as her dad, and more…

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To enter details about your life and create your own special diagrams, you must first sign up for a Trajectories account.

You can then start building your own database of “key people” and adding to and amending your entries.

If you already have a Trajectories account, please log in above or click on the home-small icon to visit your homepage.

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