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About the project…

Trajectories is a project by British artist Ellie Harrison designed to enable you to compare your life to other people’s and test how you “match up” against their achievements.

Trajectories has a public database of people who you can compare yourself to. This database comprises Ellie Harrison’s one hundred “key people” plus additional people contributed by other Trajectories users. You can create a special diagram comparing yourself to any of these or research and add details about your own heroes or rivals from the past and present.

Trajectories is supported by an Alt-w award from New Media Scotland. To celebrate the launch of the project in 2011, Ellie Harrison gave a series of lectures and interviews about her research and motivations behind the idea. These include a lecture based on her 2010 thesis How to Reconcile the Careerist Mentality with Our Impending Doom at Edinburgh College of Art, as well as an extensive interview published by Central Station.

Interview with Ellie Harrison >
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The official Trajectories launch took place in two parts: an event held on 27 January at Inspace, which doubled as a preview for the 2011 Edinburgh Art Festival, and a formal launch held on 18 April 2011 as part of Upgrade! Scotland hosted by Inspace for the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

To enter details about your life and create your own special diagrams, you must first sign up for a Trajectories account.

You can then start building your own database of “key people” and adding to and amending your entries.

If you already have a Trajectories account, please log in above or click on the home-small icon to visit your homepage.

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